Looks peaceful...BUT IS IT?
Be safe on the Murray!

Jack is your normal young Aussie fella…

He loves his family, mates and his footy. He also loves the Murray River. Jack had an unfortunate swimming accident which left him with a serious spinal injury, shattering his C5 and is now undertaking a very long and arduous rehab journey.

Unfortunately Jack’s accident isn’t uncommon in Australia. Many people are left severely injured or dead because of a tragic mistake in our waterways. Water activities in rivers can be dangerous…and sometimes deadly! Jack would appreciate the opportunity to share his story and message with you so others can learn from his unfortunate accident. It may also help prevent someone else from having a similar, painful experience that he’s going through.

Naturally this is a tough situation as Jack’s lost his income and is no longer as self reliant as he was before…making the ability to complete some day-to-day tasks a real challenge. We hope you can share his story and if you can find a way to help with a donation to help him regain control of his future that would be appreciated too!

Water safety is everyone’s concern – Respect the River!

Video of Jack

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